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Top Secret: Rendezvous Oasis

Top Secret: Rendezvous Oasis

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Rendezvous Oasis

Author: Merle M. Rasmussen, Peter Bryant
System: Top Secret: New World Order

A mission module for Top Secret: New World Order

Your team will journey to the Sahara Desert, to a remote part of Chad. Your mission is to attend a black market swap meet and recover a high-tech prototype drone.  Icon has arranged to get you in country with supplies for your trip. However, you're obvious outsiders and will be on your own in a hostile territory. You will need to avoid both military patrols and terrorists.

Sharp grains of sand whip through the air, stinging your face. Obscured by the heat waves rising from the Sahara, a line of pickup trucks is just visible on the horizon. 
Lifting your heavy M25 binoculars to your eyes, the scene comes into view—there are gunners standing in the beds of the trucks, firing at a distant enemy you can’t quite see. A glint of light catches your eye, and you focus on a strange piece of electronic equipment in the truck. Could this be what you’re looking for?
You climb into the passenger seat of your own 4x4, exhorting your fellow agents to take you closer. The gyro in your binoculars holds the scene steady as you see the gunner stagger backwards and fall out of the pickup bed. Another truck explodes in a flash of light and smoke. Should you join the fight, or stick to the mission and head to the oasis?

This is a completely rewritten and expanded version of the original Rendezvous Oasis by Merle Rasmussen as seen in Gygax Magazine Issue #4.

Pages: 56
Size: 8.5" x 11"

Includes free PDF download with physical purchase.

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